Sunday, 21 October 2012

What works of yours I can read and reference.

A Christian of the Catholic denomination, I am also a mature aged postgraduate law student where I have undergraduate and post graduate training in engineering.  Lately, I have experienced a growing interest to clarify my understanding of the world of science with that of my faith.

With this in mind, I recently stumbled upon a PODCast hosted by +plus magazine which had a segment on the 'Quantum Physics and the Nature of Reality' conference held in September 2010.  Importantly, it introduced me to you.

In my younger years I was drawn to ideas of the absurd as put forward by Albert Camus where I had yet to discover Christ.  In my latter years, I feel that of things we do not clearly perceive or comprehend, we might well dismiss as absurd.  Here, quantum physics and the nature of reality captures my attention.

You have written a large volume of distinguished works.  Given my leanings, might you be able to advise me as to what works of yours I can read and reference.

Response: You might start with Questions of Truth which has advice on further reading in each chapter.

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