Sunday, 28 October 2012

A solid apologetics book for a simple layman?

I recently purchased a copy of Socrates in the City.  This book was my first introduction to Dr. Polkinghorne. I’ve been raised in a covenant church and do my best each day to try and honor God.

I admittedly have only recently begun reading anything to be considered worthy. I’ve tackled Mere Christianity and started on the recommended Universes title. 

I’ve probably re-read the speech at Socrates in the City 10 times trying to absorb from it all that I can.  There are so many people in my life I desire to evangelize to, however I fear I’m not a very clever chap and quickly get hung up on what I think should be easy obstacles to overcome conversationally. I believe in God, fearlessly!  However, turning what I know and feel into logical arguments in defense of Christianity is a challenge for me. 

Can you recommend a solid apologetics book a simple layman like me can sink my teeth into that will help give me more fire power?

Response: We wrote “Questions of Truth” to help equip people who had questions about science and religion.

Tom Wright’s “Simply Christian” is a very good general book – in some ways an update for Mere Christianity.

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