Sunday, 7 October 2012

Free will and the Fall

First I would to thank John for this website, it really helped me out with my journey from a Young Earth Creationist to a Theistic Evolutionist. I have two questions for you.

The first is what is your view on the fall of man? Did man actually fall or were we always sinful and still in need of atonement?

My second questions is on free will. Did we actually have a choice to be perfect and follow God whole heartedly? It seems more like we are naturally inclined to sin? Which gives me the impression we never truly had the free will to follow God sinlessly. Maybe I am over thinking this and there is a easy theological answer? Either way your Input will be greatly appreciated.

Response: None of this is "easy". It seems to us that there must have been a moment when people/hominids became sufficiently self- and God-conscious to sin, and it is only too probable that they did so pretty soon after that moment. It's a bit like "spontaneous symmetry breaking" - in theory a pencil stood on its point could stand like that forever - in practice it will fall quite quickly without external support.

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