Sunday, 21 October 2012

How did the ascension happen, and where is heaven?

I was referred to John P. because Ravi Zacharias has taken some classes from him. So I thank you guys for what you are doing. I was just wondering if there is any scientific evidence to show that the ascension of Jesus could very likely happen. With the discoveries in quantum physics and such I was wondering if it is not so much an unlikely event anymore. Thanks and blessings.

Response: It’s clear that Jesus’ resurrection body was not subject to normal physical laws in the normal way. How God did this in detail we have no idea, but why should we.

Follow-on Question: Yeah that's what I think too. He was able to eat fish and honey and then go through walls and stuff so yeah I believe that His body functioned differently then we can understand. Could I ask you where you think heaven, or the location of departed saints is? Is it outside the universe or within it? Just wondering. Like where is the actual location of the Revelation 4 place or throneroom.

Response: I don’t think heaven has a spatial location in this universe.

Interestingly the cosmologists are now very comfortable with the idea of multiple universes (far too comfortable in my view).

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