Sunday, 7 October 2012

How God got into existence

I have question to ask that has been bothering me about how God got into existence. If God was the king creator of everyone and everything, then how could he have created himself if he was also once in need of being created. It doesn't make sense that he could create himself. Did he have a mommy and daddy?

Response:God is the Loving Ultimate Creator. An Ultimate Creator means that nothing and no-one could have created God – God is the ultimate basic reality where all explanations begin and end. Anything or any person that was “created” cannot be what we mean by “God”.

Every way of trying to understand the world must leave some unexplained basic reality. Some people think that “the universe” or “matter and energy” are basic reality, but at least it is possible that they were created by God – and in fact Christians and other believers in God know that they were. God, by His very nature and meaning, cannot have been created by anyone or anything.

I do hope this helps you understand a little more of the wonderful love and truth of God.

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