Sunday, 27 February 2011

Transhumanism and belief in God

Ever since I learned about the Blue Brain Project (a neural net simulation that has shown great promise - the scientist in charge is predicting an artificial brain in 10 years, though I think it'll take a bit longer than that), I've been thinking a great deal about what it means for man's future.

The simulation of the brain itself doesn't concern me much as a Christian, as I'm a monist already (thanks in no small part to the convincing arguments of you and Rev. Polkinghorne). However, the prospects for what it might mean for the rate of technological change does - particularly the idea of transhumanism.

My question is twofold - first, what do you think of transhumanism in general? Second, assuming a transhuman society is possible, is a belief in God still necessary in such a society? I believe the answer to the second question to be yes, for reasons I'll withhold for now, since I want to see what you think first. However, I'm not absolutely certain of my answer, and a second opinion would be quite helpful.

Since real brains are analog and Blue Brain is digital – and therefore much less subtle and powerful – I’m not worried about it as a threat to humanity at all. But it and similar projects (like SpiNNaker) will probably lead to much deeper scientific understandings, which is great.

I think “transhumanism” is over-hyped but with or without technical enhancements to humanity, the truth of God and God’s ultimate loving creation remain truths.

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