Sunday, 27 February 2011

Can God intervene and help me in a future situation?

I am a little confused on your idea of God’s omniscience, which I think is a very good view, but I am a little confused by it. Does God know or have some idea what I am going to do in the future or does he not know at all? If I ask God to intervene and help me in a future situation, can he do this?

I think God chooses what He wants to know. Suppose for example that all my daughter's emails were on a Server to which I had free access, and I could easily read her emails. I am in a sense omniscient about any email she has received or sent. Nevertheless as a loving father it would only be in wholly exceptional circumstances that I would exercise that power. It's clear to me that, unless God can choose what He knows, He is not Omnipotent, and thus His Omniscience is voluntary rather than "compulsory"

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