Sunday, 27 February 2011

Mind existing outside the world of time, space and matter

Does present day science see mind or causation as existing outside of the world of time, space and matter? I am a student of A Course In Miracles which, as I understand it, does see it that way. It sees Spirit as Reality and mind as the creative aspect of Spirit. Mind is then free to create by extending itself as Spirit but is also free to explore other possibilities by making up, for example, our perceived world of time, space and matter.
All of this works for me. I have no problem, for example, imagining a material world emerging from non-material thought or mind. The brain then becomes, in this way of thinking, an effect of a made-up world rather than a cause or the potential explaner of everything. Again, this "metaphysics", as I understand it, works for me but how do you see it?

We can't say that "science sees it" in this way. Certainly in practice fundamental theoretical physics pre-supposes deep mathematical structures which are in a sense antecedent to matter, and most theists will see these as in some sense emanating from the mind of God. However most working scientists would probably say that these arise in some way from a non-mental reality, although there are certainly problems with that view (some discussed on

These are indeed metaphysical questions which are "beyond physics." Fundamentally, you have to choose whether you think matter/energy, mind or love is the most basic principle of the universe. If there is a Loving Ultimate Creator then matter/energy is a creation from His loving mind.

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