Sunday, 27 February 2011

Why isn't the Anthropic Principle better known

why the anthropic principle isn't quite known to people who aren't scientists? All of my close friends and acquaintances that I've talked to are aware of the scientific evidence for a Big Bang and evolution, but none of them have heard of, or even have an awareness of anthropic fine-tuning. My atheist friends are even surprised to learn that scientists like Richard Dawkins and Martin Rees are believers in a form of cosmological fine-tuning.

If the scientific community accepts anthropic fine-tuning as fact and takes it very seriously, then why does it seem like everyday people are totally unaware of it? Surely, if more people knew about this, it would give them a better appreciation of their place in the universe.

A very good point.
I think the media (by and large) have a very clear anti-religion agenda so it suits them to play the “science vs religion” theme and this doesn’t fit.
But truth will prevail in the end.

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