Sunday, 27 February 2011

What makes Christianity so special and different?

Alright so it seems that there is some evidence of God. But how do we know that Christianity is the religion that has the right idea about Him? I was once told that Christianity as a whole is mainly stolen from bits of Zoroastrianism and Judaism and that it's only original and wise contribution was the golden rule.(I personally found this a bit unlikely but I didn't know enough about theology and history to argue.) What makes Christianity so special and different?

This is a huge topic on which much can be said. To over-simplify tremendously, I'd offer three points:
  1. The life, death resurrection of Jesus
  2. The extraordinary growth of the Church, from a persecuted minority to taking over the Roman Empire to the massive worldwide following she has today, not least in countries like S Korea and China.
  3. Philosophically: if God exists He is obviously not incompetent. So one of the major purported communications from God to humanity is likely to be genuine, probably the one with the largest number of adherents spread over all the world, who are not kept in line by threats of violence.

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