Sunday, 27 February 2011

Does God know the future?

Q: First off I'd like to say that I have read many of Dr. Polkinghorne's books and enjoy them immensely. However, not too long ago I was perusing one of them again. and came across an idea that I had had some problems with before. And that was the thought that God does not know the future, and that this does not contradict the idea of his omniscience, since the future would not be there to know as yet.

The problem is, that it would very definitely put a limit on his knowledge and power! While the future is not obvious to beings living within time, for one outside of time, with no limitations on him, the past, present and future would be known. Otherwise, there would be a limiting reality stronger than God! To reiterate, according to most all theological speculations, God is entirely and completely without limits of any kind. I would be interested in your further thoughts on this question.

NB Response: We think God knows everything He chooses to know. He chooses to keep the future undetermined to allow people real freewill. If God could not choose not to know something this would be a limit on God’s Omnipotence.

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