Sunday, 27 February 2011

Evolution and Randomness

As a former creationist believer with little science background it seems that:
  1. The only way man could choose God is through randomness of a universe.
  2. Evolution is random
Is 'man' the end result of evolution? If so why is he offered salvation and not apes or cats or dogs?

Roughly:“randomness” scientifically means that the scientific causes do no predict with certainty what will happen. So for us to have freewill there has to be “randomness” in that sense. It doesn’t imply that the randomness is meaningless.

God uses evolution as a fundamental principle for His wonderful creation, like gravity. The aim of His creation is love. As far as we know humans are the only evolved beings that can truly love in a spiritual sense, but other forms of good and true love will surely be preserved in the new creation. How God will do this we don’t know – there seem to be trees in the New Heaven so why not loving animals? Who knows?

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