Sunday, 27 February 2011

Is materialism philosophically questionable

Recently there was a conversation on a website I frequent where one poster insisted that existence is dependent on the fact that it occupies matter, space and time or energy; and so for God to exist, He must fulfill these criteria. Another poster commented that under this criteria, the words had no meaning, as they have no relation to matter/energy. To which a defender replied:
"Information is an arragement of matter or energy! Words are still composed of SOMETHING. The information in your computer, in your brain, in your computer screen, is kept in matter. It is a specific arrangement of matter that gives it its meanings. Without the matter contaning it the information. So information needs a medium to exist in."
I am curious to what relation this has on your assertion that materialism is philosophically questionable.

Well obviously it isn't logically necessary that existence depends on occupying matter/space/time/energy, and since God created all of these concepts and does not exist within them, it begs the question to say that "existence depends on ..."

And when the Materialist says "the information is kept in matter" he seems to be confused. Of course there are material representations of information but these are not the information themselves. The same information can have many different representations. Also that the set of such representations can change without the information changing, which shows that this set is not identical to the information. This if informational objects exist they are non-material

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