Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sin and missing the mark

Q: While wrestling with trying to understand my Christianity in the light of evolution, it occurred to me that since God is love itself (pure love) and perfection itself, his creation can only reflect that love and perfection, not be it. So by the very fact of having been created, we cannot be perfect or love fully. We are created in the likeness of God, not as God. It seems then, that all of creation, by the very fact that it is not God, is imperfect. We are created in the likeness of God because he has only himself as template. Being like God, we should, therefore, be drawn to the things of God. But our lack causes confusion. We miss the mark. The only human not to miss the mark, was Jesus (though others have come close).

It seems to me that it is we who have created evil. Sin is going with the lack, taking the easy route, rather than with the whole (God), and taking the more difficult road. In my own mind, evolution is the drawing of humanity toward God by God. Our gift is to let him draw us; to recognize his presence with us so that we evolve through, with, and in him.

Response from NB: I would agree with most of what you say, although of course you put it in your own way.  I don’t think though that we can quite say that “we created evil”. Sin is, as you suggest, falling short of the Glory of God, but the possibility of falling short is inherent in the fact of imperfection.

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