Sunday, 10 August 2014

Religion as a logical structure

What do you think about regarding science and religion as follows? Thus, religion is an a priori logical structure with the following three features: 1) It is applicable in any possible world that runs by law-bound causal power, and 2) It is centrally concerned with what objects in such worlds should do to survive, and 3) It has empty place-holders that can be filled in with empirical information about our world, or whichever particular world we choose to be concerned with. And science is an effort to fill in the said empty place-holders with empirical information.
I appreciate that, at first sight, these pictures of what science and religion are might seem contra-intuitive. But I have worked it all out in fairly considerable detail. Would you perhaps think that my idea is worth looking into?

Religion is about relationships with God and others.
The logical bits are theology.

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