Sunday, 10 August 2014

Inflation and fine-tuning

With the recent discovery involving the Big Bang/Inflation I read that at least some scientists say it's almost impossible for there to not be multiple universes now. What's your guys' take on the recent discoveries and does it impact the anthropic principle at all?

On the BioLogos forum Physicist Gerald Cleaver wrote an article explaining the 10+1 expanded view of string theory (especially in Part 5 of that series). In Part 5, he seems to make the case that String Theory is all but proven which means multiple universes are all but proven. Is this a widely shared view? What is your guys' take on it? Does this have any potential implications for the anthropic principle?

The observations certainly strengthen the case for some kind of inflation but although almost all cosmologists accept the idea of inflation now there are still enough loose ends that I suspect the Nobel Committee will want more actual evidence. There could be many other ways in which these observations could have come about. And there are plenty of un-answered questions about how and why inflation was turned on and off.

As for String Theory being “all but proven” that’s only true in the sense that it isn’t proven at all. There is plenty of deep mathematics in string theory but the question is whether it corresponds to physical reality or whether it’s some kind of shadow-play as it were.
Inflation doesn’t abolish the fine-tuning problem at all - chaotic inflation might but that’s a different story.

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