Sunday, 10 August 2014

Conservation of Energy and Creation

I am sincerely interested in trying to reconcile the anti-creation mindset that is embedded in the beliefs held by physicists in the form of The Conservation of Energy Law that rules out an Almighty creator. With in depth exposure to both the physics and theological beliefs regarding creation your response to my concern should be revealing. I am trying to understand how people who believe in the Nicene and or Apostles Creed can also believe in the Conservation of Energy Law that rules out an Almighty creator?

Obviously if there is an Ultimate Creator then He created the laws of physics, and is not subject to them.
There is an interesting line of thought which suggests that the net energy of the universe is zero, with the matter energy being balanced out by the expansion – and this is used to suggest that the universe could have emerged without a Creator. But both of these miss the point: the Creator is (as Creator) more like the author of a novel than a character in it.
And of course atheists* have no explanation as to why the particular laws of physics should apply to the real universe which is a big problem since whilst an Ultimate Creator is by definition self-existent (if one exists at all) the law of physics are self-evidently contingent and could have been created.
* Unless they follow Max Tegmark and believe that all logically possible universes (with all logically possible physical laws) exist.

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