Sunday, 10 August 2014

God's interaction with the world

I am a student (I'm 16), and I was reading up on very interesting idea that you had regarding God's interaction with the world, namely that God affects the information way out on the edge of the universe which results in a holistic projection. But I'm curious as to how God interacts with said information?

God interacts with the universe everywhere. The Christian doctrine of Creation is not that God created the universe and then walked away, but that God creates and sustains the universe. It’s a bit like the sense in which the electric current creates the light in a light bulb – another term that is sometimes used is “breathing fire into the equations”.
But of course unlike us God sees the whole of creation in a holistic way, and his interaction with creation is holistic. That is where the hologram analogy comes in.
Exactly how God interacts with creation we don’t understand - how could we? We don’t even really understand how we interact with creation.

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