Sunday, 10 August 2014

A solitary traveller?

Do you often find yourself as a solitary traveller on the road of motivated belief with few around you who even begin to comprehend what you are saying? Even worse, I suspect you may even find a degree of amused tolerance.
I have found this to be true for myself. Generally speaking, there is a tendency on the part of both materialistic scientists and fideistic believers to be intolerant of anyone who challenges their modus operandi/vivendi. Perhaps, this is unavoidable.
One final question. Have you read much of Schillebeeckx?
I find his description of God as "always new, but ever the same" to be quite enlightening. Fr. Schillebecckx was fond of describing God as an evervescent, boiling spring. This reminds me very much of Meister Eckhart who used the latin term "bullatio" to describe God's "boiling" creative nature. Eckhart used the term "ebullatio" to describe the effect that this "boiling" had on the sincerely seeking human soul.
I think there remains considerable room for new work on the theology of the Divine Nature and its relationship to the human soul. It is also true that even when we exhaust the written guidance of scared scripture, we are still free to engage in philosophical speculation in areas in a manner that, at least, does not contradict scripture. A prime example of this might be C.S. Lewis' expressed personal opinion on the souls of our departed pets and their place in Heaven.

Reply form John: Not really. There is a more open atmosphere in the UK.
I have read a little Schillebeeckx?

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