Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Will union with God be stangant?

As a mortal human I enjoy working towards achieving an ideal existence. I hope very much to achieve that end. However, should I ever do so I will no longer have the joy of 'seeking' and, at least to my shallow, earthly mind, that sounds like dull stagnation to me! Yet, if I can never reach my goal, what purpose then is there in reaching for it or even in existence? I read within one of your books that God's 'improvement' of us will continue after death (or that seems likely). Strangely that notion also horrifies me...Are we never to achieve perfection or ultimate bliss/satisfaction?

Response: Perfection is perfect love, and that is a dynamic state of generosity and creativity.
Imagine Bach, Beethoven and Mozart in heaven. They would be improvising, composing, continuing to create “perfect” music – of which there is an infinity.

It will be WONDERFUL!

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