Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Best Polkinghorne book to start with?

I have just come across your name and I see you have quite a few books out on Amazon.com.  There simply isn't enough time in my life to read all of these due to jobs, kids and life demands.  I'm hoping you can recommend a good book to start off.  I "converted" from Atheism at the age of 32 having never attended a day of church in my life and now fancy myself somewhat of a Christian apologist as I've had to convince myself that God exists.  I'm not a push over when it comes to the tough questions.  I'm an educated "enlightened" person who has thought long and hard about many of the questions that have been asked of you.  I have considered many of the topics that appear on the Q&A and found that many of your answers are in line with what I've concluded. 

What I'm looking for is the book that best represents your views on how the bible and science co-exist.  I see several candidates including Testing Scripture: A Scientist Explores The Bible.  What do you recommend?

Response: Well I’m a bit biased but I’d suggest you try Questions of Truth which gives a good overview on many key apologetic questions, and pointers to John’s other books on topics you might want to explore further.

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