Sunday, 4 November 2012

Black holes and the future of the universe

I once read that from the inside of a black hole the entire future of the universe can be observed.

Dr. Polkinghorne has mentioned that he does not think that God  knows what is going to happen in the future (as God has a dipolar nature and is partially restricted by time). My question is as follows: If from a black hole's point of view the entire future can be seen, is it not also possible that God can see (and hence know) the future?

Response: No-one knows what happens inside a black hole.

And we don’t think “God is restricted by time” but that God chooses what He does and does not know.

To use a simple analogy, it’s as though Superman, with “X-ray vision” superpowers, can see through Lois Lane’s clothes, but (being a super-gentleman) chooses not to.
And indeed one thing the quantum world clearly shows is that observing something isn’t the completely passive action that “common sense” supposes.

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