Sunday, 4 November 2012

Big bang and Existence of God

I have taken the position among colleagues and friends that the "big bang" theory, if accurate, clearly demonstrates the existence of God.  I would be interested in the good doctor's thoughts on the subject and rational comments from anyone who might have pondered the issue.

Response: The Big Bang theory was developed by a catholic priest (Lemaitre)  but he was clear that it has no direct religious applications. God could certainly have created a “steady state” universe and equally it is conceivable that one of the various secular stories about the Big Bang (eternal inflation, quantum vacuum etc…) might be true.

Having said that, it is certainly a problem for atheists to explain why a “big bang” with the very special characteristics we require for life actually occurred – see Questions of Truth for a discussion of this.  And Big Bang is similar enough to Genesis to give pause for thought at least!

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