Sunday, 19 May 2013

No toys or movies in Heaven?

I read on a Christian site
1. That there are, most likely, no movies in Heaven
And on a children's one...
2. That there are no toys

 Surely that can be contested? We are told in the Bible that there will be music in Heaven and many of us assume great artists will create art and authors write. Surely film and action figure making are both arts and the above two assumptions are based on subconscious snobbery rather than logic? Jesus said there would be no ownership in Heaven and materialism is a big no, no. But when a child (or, indeed, an adult) loves their Star Wars toys or adores watching Dr Who (just for instance), surely we cannot just ASSUME that these parts of their personality are irrelevant mistakes, thoughts God equipped us for to just to kill time or are a form of temptation and sin? Surely? On a separate note, I think it's unkind to tell kids on Christian sites (there are a few ones for children that state this...) that you can't have your toys in Heaven. Adults often talk about continuing their loves in Heaven and I think it's sad to forget that, as a kid, it is not greed or material want that drives your affection for 'teddy' or 'wind up robot' but a true form of love, as true as any painter towards his masterpieces.

Response:   I agree they sound like silly sites. It’s more likely that the toys and movies in Heaven are so much more wonderful and glorious than the toys and movies on earth that it would be potentially misleading to call them by their earthly names

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