Sunday, 19 May 2013

Human nature as regards heavenly perfection

If humans fear stagnation, enjoy anticipation and the journey towards a goal, then 'Heaven' might not sound that pleasant being a perfect realm. However a journey without a finite end or a happy, exciting finale seems utterly pointless as well, so hopefully it IS a complete and perfect realm with no room for endless improvement! I am a theist, I believe in Heaven...but, help! This seems a paradox for the human condition to me! (Or at least for me!)

Response: But it’s the nature of love and of knowledge – at least of the best that we can experience here on earth – that it is a journey in which each place you reach is wonderful but there is always more to learn and more to love. In heaven we are immersed fully in the knowklegd and love of God (and of his Son) through the Spirit – but knowledge and love are dynamic and God is inexhaustible.

It will be more wonderful than we can possibly imagine.

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