Sunday, 20 March 2011

non-contextual models in Quantum Mechanics

What is meant by the statement that...

" is not possible to explain quantum phenomena through/by non-contextual models with hidden variables."

Are they refering to randomness when speaking of "hidden variables"?? However it seems that this challenges realism, which in turn challenges materialism no. Surely this has huge implications for Darwinism. However, can you explain what is meant by the piece I quote, or at least point me to where I can find such information?

Hidden variables are a deterministic formulation of Quantum Mechanics. But it has been shown that for such a formulation to work the hidden variables have to be “non-local” in the sense that their values at one point in space/time depend on the values in other points in space/time that are not in the same light cone.

The work reported in this 2009 paper takes this result further, and shows that such hypothetical hidden variables would also have to be contextual, ie depend on what other measurements were being made. This further strengthens the mainstream view that randomness is actually inherent in Quantum Mechanics.

John and I think that this randomness provides a physical basis for freewill and hence for love which is the ultimate value in the universe.

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